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Urad dal laddu

Rs. 370.00
Rs. 370.00

Indulge in Health & Tradition with Urad Dal Laddu (Minapa Sunnundalu) - Jaggery Sweetness!

Experience the authentic taste of Andhra Pradesh with our handcrafted Urad Dal Laddu, known as Minapa Sunnundalu! Made from premium quality urad dal, rich jaggery, and a hint of aromatic cardamom, these delectable treats offer a unique blend of flavors that instantly melt in your mouth.

Made with Fresh Ingredients: Our laddus are prepared using fresh, locally sourced urad dal, ensuring premium quality and authenticity in every bite.

Healthy & Preservative-Free: Farmorgfoods takes pride in offering a healthier alternative by using jaggery, rich in minerals and free from preservatives or added colors. Savor the sweetness guilt-free!

Handcrafted with Love: Each laddu is homemade with utmost care and love, promoting rural women empowerment by providing employment opportunities.

Why Choose Urad Dal Laddu with Jaggery?

Experience the exquisite blend of tradition and health with Urad Dal Laddu - Minapa Sunnundalu infused with the richness of jaggery. Crafted for health-conscious individuals, these laddus offer:

Elevated Nutritional Value: Jaggery's superior nutritional profile makes these laddus an ideal choice over sugar-based sweets.

Balanced Sweetness: Satisfy your dessert cravings guilt-free with a perfect balance of sweetness, aligning seamlessly with your health goals.

Ready to Experience Sweet Bliss? Add Urad Dal Laddu - Minapa Sunnundalu with Jaggery from Farmorgfoods to your cart and relish the goodness of authentic Indian sweets delivered straight to your doorstep!


Urad Dal (Black Gram Dal), Jaggery, Cardamom, Ghee.

Storage & Shelf life

Airtight Container: Transfer the laddus into an airtight container to maintain their freshness and prevent them from becoming too dry.

Cool, Dry Place: Store the container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources to preserve their texture and taste.

Avoid Moisture: Ensure the storage area is moisture-free, as moisture can affect the quality of the laddus.

Shelflife: If stored properly in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, Urad Dal Laddu (Minapa Sunnundalu) with Jaggery can typically have a shelf life of around 20 days.


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