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FarmorgFoods is one stop solution for Andhra style authentic foods like sweets, snacks, pickles, powders, and many more. We prepare all foods with 100% natural ingredients without adding any preservatives, food colors, and chemicals. All the items used are locally and freshly sourced.

Customers taste buds gets happier once they eat our products as we prepare items based on orders which  guareentees our customers for the fresh taste and aroma once you taste our food.

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Free Shipping On Orders Above ₹600


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Amla Pickle

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What They Say About Us
Afreen MotiwalaCustomer

Had a great experience with this small business of pickles . My taste buds had a treat enjoying their flavours, Thanks farmorg foods . Hope to c more pickles in on our shelves

Manju AmmuluCustomer

A complete family style food products. Taste, quality and everything is fabulous. Recreating the old traditional style pickles are just awesome.. i love to order more...!

D DeepakCustomer

I'm really happy with your service and I enjoyed it ..It's little spicy but I will try to handle it.. If it was not spicy I was finished it last night.. But I'm eating little little that how I save it for