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Mango Pickle

Rs. 250.00
Rs. 250.00

Experience Authentic Flavor with FarmorgFoods' Andhra Style Avakai Pickle!

 Crafted for Exquisite Taste: Our Avakaya Pickle boasts daily freshness, ensuring it arrives bursting with the authentic taste, aromas, and vibrant flavors of premium quality mangoes.

Pure, Natural Goodness: Enjoy guilt-free delight with our homemade pickles, free from chemicals, preservatives, or artificial colors.

Supporting Local Communities: We source our ingredients directly from local farmers, ensuring fair prices and empowering women through employment in our pickle-making units.

Andhra's Finest Recipe: Made with Chinna rasalu and tella gulabeelu mango varieties, blended with mustard, fenugreek, red chili powder, and garlic pods, our Avakai Pickle offers a delightful fusion of tanginess and spice.

Health Benefits in Every Jar: Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C, aiding digestion, preventing dehydration, and promoting intestinal health. Enjoy the goodness of mangoes in every serving!

Preservative-Free Excellence: Our commitment to quality means no added preservatives. Revel in the true taste of homemade goodness with every jar.

Convenient, Free Shipping: From our kitchen to your doorstep, enjoy the convenience of free shipping across India when you order your Premium Quality Homemade Mango Pickle online from FarmorgFoods.                                                                       

Delight in Authenticity - Order Now!

Enhance your meals, reminisce on cherished memories, and relish the authentic flavors of Andhra with FarmorgFoods' premium Avakaya Pickle. Order your traditional mango achar now and delight in the tangy, spicy goodness that's healthy, homemade, and hygienic. 


Mango Cut Pieces, Turmeric Powder, Salt, Red chili Powder, Garlic, Ground nut oil, Mustard Powder, Fenugreek Powder.

Storage & Shelf Life

Storage: Store the Andhra Style Avakai Pickle in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Ensure the lid is securely closed to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage. It's best stored in airtight glass jars or containers.

Shelf Life: Typically, the shelf life of homemade mango pickles like the Andhra Style Avakai Pickle ranges from 10 months to a year when stored properly. However, since your product is preservative-free, it's essential to adhere to the best-by date mentioned on the packaging for optimal taste and quality.

For an extended shelf life, it's crucial to use clean, dry utensils while handling the pickle and avoid any moisture or water contact that might introduce spoilage.

Always advise customers to check the label or packaging for specific storage instructions and best-before dates to enjoy the pickle at its best.

How to use

Start Your Day Right - Buy FarmorgFoods Andhra Style Avakai Pickle Today!

Rice Delight: Combine it with hot rice and a touch of ghee for a classic and delightful South Indian meal.

Curry Companion: Elevate your curry dishes by mixing in a spoonful of Avakai Pickle, adding a tangy kick to your traditional Indian meals.

Avakai with Idli: Serve a portion of the tangy Avakai Pickle alongside soft, steamed idlis for a delightful South Indian breakfast

Pickle-Infused Upma: Enhance the flavors of upma by mixing in a spoonful of Avakai Pickle, adding a zesty twist to this traditional breakfast dish.

Order now and infuse your mornings with authentic Andhra flavors!

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        Very good testy sweets

        Very good testy sweets

        5 Stars

        5 Stars- Very Good

        Mango pickle

        Mango pickle is tooo tasty

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        3 Stars- Satisfied

        I ordered some Sweet's it's really awesome taste and I feel it's very fresh items and I would lik...

        I ordered some Sweet's it's really awesome taste and I feel it's very fresh items and I would like to order again in a few days thank you for providing Hiegene Sweet's in affordable rates.