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Lemon Pickle

Rs. 210.00
Rs. 210.00

From Grandma's Recipe to Your Plate: Experience True Lemon Pickle Delight!

Discover the tangy delight of our handcrafted Lemon Pickle by Lemon Pickle Farmorgfoods! Our signature pickle is a harmonious blend of traditional recipes passed down through generations and the finest quality ingredients, bringing the authentic taste of home to your table.

Why Choose Farmorgfoods Lemon Pickle?

Our commitment to quality and taste makes us stand out. Each jar is a testament to our dedication to delivering the finest flavors, preserving the authenticity of age-old recipes, and ensuring a delightful culinary experience.

Handcrafted Excellence: Carefully crafted using age-old recipes and traditional methods, ensuring an authentic taste that mirrors homemade goodness.

Premium Ingredients: We source the freshest, ripest lemons infused with a blend of spices, without any artificial additives or preservatives.

Health Booster: Packed with Vitamin C, aiding digestion, promoting detoxification, and supporting overall well-being.

Order your jar of Lemon Pickle today and savor the robust flavors that will transport you back to nostalgic, homemade goodness!


Lemon, Red chilli Powder, Ginger, Green chillis, Ground nut oil, Lemon juice, Salt, Garlic, Mustard Powder.

Storage & Shelf Life

At Lemon Pickle Farmorgfoods, our priority is to maintain the peak freshness and flavors of our Lemon Pickle. Here's how you can store it to enjoy its delightful taste.

Storage Instructions: Store the jar in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Seal the lid tightly after each use to preserve the pickle's freshness.

Refrigeration: For an extended shelf life, refrigerate the pickle. Although it remains fresh at room temperature for up to six months, refrigeration ensures it maintains its flavors and quality for the entire duration.

ShelfLife: Our Lemon Pickle, crafted with care and precision, boasts a shelf life of six months. When stored as recommended and unopened, our Lemon Pickle maintains its exceptional taste and quality for a period of six months from the date of production.

Experience the delightful tangy flavors of our Lemon Pickle by storing it correctly, ensuring a shelf life of six months without compromising its exceptional taste!

How to use

Best Goes With:

Curd Rice: Add a burst of flavor to the classic curd rice by incorporating our Lemon Pickle for a tangy and refreshing taste.

Warm Rice with Ghee: Create a heartwarming meal by pairing warm rice mixed with fresh ghee and our Lemon Pickle for a memorable dining experience. Indulge in comfort food by mixing our Lemon Pickle with warm rice and a spoon of fresh ghee for a delightful meal.

Enhance Your Breakfast: Elevate your breakfast delights such as idly, dosa, or pongal by pairing them with a tangy twist of our Lemon Pickle.

Taste Tradition in Every Spoonful - Order Your Lemon Pickle Now!

Customer Reviews

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Raju Eada
5 Stars

5 Stars- Very Good

I ordered Prawns pickle and lemon pickle, they are very good.. I am really satisfied. Reminded me...

I ordered Prawns pickle and lemon pickle, they are very good.. I am really satisfied. Reminded me of the real taste of my childhood.

Wonderful taste,Good quality, nice packaging and quick delivery

Wonderful taste,Good quality, nice packaging and quick delivery

4 Stars

4 Stars- Good

5 Stars

5 Stars- Very Good