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Mango Thokku Pickle

Rs. 210.00
Rs. 210.00

Experience Authentic Delight Farmorgfoods Raw Mango Thokku Pickle!

At Farmorgfoods, tradition meets taste in our Mango Thokku pickle. Crafted with care and precision, this pickle promises an array of flavors with every spoonful, capturing the essence of mangoes and aromatic spices.

Savor the heritage of homemade goodness with Farmorgfoods Mango Thokku pickle. Made from handpicked mangoes infused with a secret blend of spices, this pickle is a testament to our commitment to delivering authentic tastes straight from our farm to your table.

Why Choose Farmorgfoods' Mango Thokku Pickle?

Crafted with Tradition: Our recipe, handed down through generations, guarantees an authentic South Indian taste, reminiscent of grandma's kitchen.

No Compromise on Quality: We uphold strict quality standards, ensuring each jar is packed with freshness and flavors that resonate with homemade goodness.

Natural Ingredients: Free from artificial preservatives, colors, or additives, our pickle maintains its natural goodness.

Experience True Taste Today!

Add the Farmorgfoods Raw Mango Thokku Pickle to your cart and savor the rich, authentic flavors of South India. Elevate your meals, support tradition, and relish in the goodness of homemade delicacies.


Crushed Mango Pieces, Turmeric Powder, Red chili Powder, Garlic, Ground nut oil, Salt, Mustard Powder, Fenugreek Powder.

Storage & Shelf Life

Storage Instructions: Our Farmorgfoods Raw Mango Thokku Pickle should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid using a wet spoon for scooping the pickle to prevent moisture intake.

Refrigeration Recommended: For an extended shelf life and to maintain optimal freshness and taste, refrigerate the pickle after opening.

Shelf Life: When stored as recommended, our Raw Mango Thokku Pickle maintains its authentic flavors and quality for up to10 months from the date of manufacturing.

Crafted with care and devoid of preservatives, our pickle provides a delectable experience while maintaining its freshness when stored appropriately.

How to use

Elevate Every Meal with Farmorgfoods Raw Mango Thokku Pickle!

Pair Perfectly: Mix two to three spoons of our Raw Mango Thokku Pickle with hot rice, chapathi, pulka, naan, curd rice, dosa, or idli for authentic South Indian flavors.

Quick Fix Delight: Create an instant meal by mixing our pickle with plain rice and a dash of ghee or gingely oil. Ready in minutes for a taste that feels just like home.

Bring South Indian flavors to your table! Add Farmorgfoods Raw Mango Thokku Pickle to your cart and enjoy the richness of homemade goodness.

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Sindhuja Mithun

Its amazing i like to order it again so soon