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Pandu mirchi Pickle

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Rs. 210.00

Savor Authenticity Buy Homemade Pandu Mirapakaya Pachadi Online at Farmorg Foods!

Experience the richness of South Indian tradition with Farmorg Foods handcrafted Pandu Mirapakaya Pachadi, a red chilli pickle deeply rooted in local cooking heritage. Our premium-quality pickle is carefully prepared, using the finest locally sourced ingredients and traditional recipes, ensuring an authentic flavor in every spoonful.

Why Choose Farmorg Foods Red Chilli Pickle?

Authenticity Preserved: Crafted following an authentic South Indian recipe, this pickle captures the essence of tradition and taste.

Handpicked Quality Ingredients: We prioritize freshness, using carefully chosen red chillies and a blend of spices for unparalleled taste.

Balanced Flavor: Experience the perfect harmony between tanginess and spice in every spoonful, leaving your craving for more.

Preservative-Free: No added preservatives or artificial colors, ensuring a natural and wholesome experience

Rich in Antioxidants: Red chillies contain antioxidants like vitamin C, which help in neutralizing free radicals, supporting overall health and immunity.

Why Wait? Order Now!

 Experience the rich tradition of South Indian cuisine. Buy our homemade Pandu Mirapakaya Pachadi online and savor the authentic goodness delivered to your doorstep. Embrace the taste that sets Farmorg Foods apart!


Pandu Mirchi (Red Chillis), Tamarind, Turmeric Powder, Salt, Fenugreek Powder, Garlic, Bengal Gram, Urad Dal, Ground nut oil, Mustard Seeds, Curry leaves, Red Chillis.

Storage & Shelf Life

Storage: To maintain the quality of your Pandu Mirchi Pickle, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Ensure the jar or container is tightly closed to preserve freshness. Opt for airtight glass jars or containers for the best storage results.

Shelf Life: Our preservative-free Pandu Mirchi Pickle typically retains its quality for approximately 6 to 10 months when stored properly. Always check the best-by date on the packaging for optimal taste and quality. To prolong its shelf life, use clean, dry utensils while handling the pickle and prevent any moisture contact that might cause spoilage.

For detailed storage instructions and best-before dates, refer to the label or packaging provided. This guarantees that you relish the authentic flavors of Pandu Mirchi Pickle at its finest.

 How to use

Savor the Spice How to Enjoy Pandu Mirchi Pickle

Accompany with Rice and Ghee: Enjoy a traditional South Indian meal by mixing Pandu Mirchi Pickle with steaming hot rice and homemade ghee. The spicy tanginess of the pickle complements the flavors wonderfully.

Enhance Your Meal: Add a flavorful kick to your dishes like curd rice, idly, and dosa by incorporating Pandu Mirchi Pickle as a condiment, elevating their taste.

Creative Sandwiches or Wraps: Spice up your sandwiches or wraps by using Pandu Mirchi Pickle. Its vibrant taste can transform an ordinary dish into a zesty delight.

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